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What You Need to Know About Super Slot

Superslot is one of the most exciting products in the marketplace, especially if you’re a lover of Scalextric. In this information, we’re going to go over some of the most common questions people have about Superslot, along with a number of the newest products in the line.


Scalextric is a world leading manufacturer of 1:32 scale slot cars, supplying cars for the whole family and offering good performance, durability, driving qualities and excellent fit. Whether you are searching for classic Fords, Lamborghinis, or NASCAR cars, you’ll find them in the Scalextric range.

The business was founded by Fred Francis in 1947. He was inspired by the model car racing tracks at toy fairs. With the success of the first Startex toy car range, he expanded into other products. These include the Scalex and NINCO toy racing cars.

The company’s name was re-branded as Scalextric USA in 1994. In Spain, the company has its brand named SuperSlot.

However, there is a strict prohibition in Spain against the utilization of the Scalextric name. Consequently, Scalextric cannot sell its cars underneath the SuperSlot brand. On the other hand, Hornby, the parent company of Scalextric, does sell its cars underneath the SuperSlot name.

Scalextric offers road legal models, including the Chevy Camaro and the Mustang, which are only as exciting and thrilling while the track vehicles. Furthermore, the company has created a selection of vehicles for racing on home circuits. They are the Scalextric Rally and Single Seat Racers.


Choosing the right port could be a daunting task. A bit of research will go a lengthy way. One of the finest places to start is by examining the company’s product catalog. The web site lists a plethora of gaming options, including classic tabletop games to the latest in mobile and console gaming. It also has a great set of enticing prizes, from freebies to free slots. If you’re looking to try your luck at the wheel, then your super slot could be the spot to look. Those lucky few who’ve wowed the staff may be rewarded with the best gaming experience. Additionally, you can bet that the company’s employees are all too willing to oblige. This can not function as the case with a number of the bigger name brands. For people who need to get much, a quick online search will reveal the trick to the gold standard.


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